Why do women buy “adult products” more than men?


Since China's reform and opening up,times are developing rapidly.In addition to traditional offline shopping methods,in recent years,online shopping is becoming more and more popular among the masses.
This led to the rapid rise of an industry,that is the e-commerce industry.For the past two years,the development of the e-commerce industry is like mushrooms after a rain.
As of January 2021,the total sales of the e-commerce industry has exceeded 3 trillion yuan.In the context of the raging epidemic,people are more willing to spend online,therefore, the development of the e-commerce industry has been intensified.But what everyone didn't expect was that,"Adult products" are actually in the context of the rapid rise of the e-commerce industry,acting as the "dark horse".
Even more surprising is that among consumers of adult products,the proportion of women actually exceeds that of men.Due to the conservative nature of the Chinese people,speaking of adult products and "sex",everyone will feel embarrassed."Sex" seems to be "vulgar" in people's minds.
Therefore,people basically don't discuss these topics directly in public.Due to different times,the post-80s are generally more conservative.And now the post-90s and post-00s,compared with those born in the 1980s, their minds are more open."Sex" seems to be no longer indescribable,it does not seem to be a very shameful thing to bring the "gender" to the table to discuss.
Therefore,domestic adult products market,an opportunity that never existed before,many business people seized this opportunity,and get rich on this.
In this society,selling adult products is no longer a taboo.China today,in many city streets,plenty of adult shops have popped up.faced with this phenomenon,people are no longer surprised.
Female consumers have even become the main force of "adult products",promoted the development of "adult products" in China.As sellers continue to grow,China has become one of the major producers of adult products.According to Tianyan investigation,adult products produced in my country,the export rate has reached 60%.this is a very impressive number,this shows that my country is exporting "adult products".The domestic and foreign market demand is considerable.
According to the statistics for 2020,female consumers buy more adult products than men,the turnover accounts for 2/3 of the total sales.according to Chinese traditional thinking,men should buy more than women,but that's not the case.Actually think about it,this phenomenon is not difficult to explain.
People's ideas gradually moved from conservative to open before,Internet is not that developed
people are more conservative."Talking about sexual discoloration" was the norm at that time,it's hard to tell if women buy adult products.Now,China's economy is becoming more and more prosperous.Under the influence of China's opening-up policy,various Western open ideas were introduced into China,more and more people are gradually able to accept "sex".
Nowadays, the Internet is popular all over the world,people's knowledge of sexuality is also more extensive,people's thoughts and concepts have also gradually moved from conservative to open.When survival needs are met,we began to pursue spiritual enjoyment,this has brought a huge market for my country's adult products industry.In the past two years,there are also reports showing that after women's basic survival needs are met,the pursuit of spiritual enjoyment will increase,such as sexual desire.Despite the rapid economic development in today's society,however, the survival pressure of young people is also intensifying in this involution.There is an urgent need for spiritual enjoyment when there is nowhere to release the pressure.
From this perspective,this has boosted the development of the sex toys industry.Second, young women are the main force of online shopping.The rise of the e-commerce industry has made online shopping more convenient.With the popularization and development of smart phones,shopping online is no longer difficult.It can be said that it is simple and easy to operate,and online, you can easily and conveniently buy goods that are not easy to find in real life.
Therefore,whether it is a child or an old man,man or woman,online shopping can be easily achieved.The main force of online shopping has always been women.After the development of online shopping matures,the major buyers of adult products are unknowingly,from male to female gradually.
Does this mean that women are more lustful than men?Not necessarily.
There are many types of adult products,in addition to those various sex toys,family planning products are a giant in adult products.Family planning supplies,in addition to contraceptive effects,it also prevents cross-infection of diseases during sexual intercourse,therefore,using a condom is a woman's protection for herself.So women buy family planning products to protect their health,so that female consumers have become the main force in buying adult products,it is not surprising that women are buying more adult products than men.
More and more single women in the old society,usually have the dross thinking that men are superior to women,women usually play the role of "good wife and good mother" in the family,dedicate your life to your family.
Now,with the development of society,the dross thinking of the past has long been eliminated by the times.Women can also be "outsiders",the ideology of equality between men and women is also more and more accepted by everyone.Women are also increasingly pursuing equality and independence.More and more women do not want to be imprisoned by their families and children,they also hope to realize their life value in their careers,instead of getting married early,
husband and child at home.According to survey data in recent years,the number of people who get married every year in my country is on a downward trend.
As of 2021,the number of marriages in the country has broken a record low,even less than 8 million pairs.Social inclusion becomes stronger with economic development,it is not uncommon for women not to marry.Under the influence of this idea,the people of modern society,the acceptance of adult products is getting higher and higher,it's not surprising that women buy adult products alone.Although many women choose not to marry,but they still have the right to pursue "sexual happiness".
In the context of increasing social pressure,use sex to ease your emotions is also a method.when a woman without a boyfriend is sexually motivated,you need to use adult products to release your desires.When a woman with a boyfriend wants to be intimate with her boyfriend,there are also adult products.Therefore,now adult products have become something that contemporary young people cannot do without.And it is more and more accepted by people.Women are not only the main force of adult products,or the main force of online shopping.
After independent women have sufficient financial capacity,online spending power is also stronger.In addition to protecting their livelihoods,female consumers without boyfriends also buy some other sex toys,after all, they also have the right to pursue sexual happiness.
Fourth, it is not embarrassing to buy "adult products" on e-commerce platforms.In the past when the e-commerce industry was not popular,most people will choose to buy adult products in offline 24-hour adult products stores.Most women are embarrassed to walk into an adult store in front of everyone.At this time, men need to buy it.Therefore,men were the main force in buying adult products during this period.With the prosperity and development of the e-commerce industry,completely changed the gender of the main force in buying adult products.The store grasps the psychology of consumers,"Confidential Shipping" is usually marked on the purchase page.
This avoids the embarrassment when going to pick up the courier.When shopping for adult products online,stores usually protect the privacy of consumers.On the item name of the express package of adult products,usually, more common names such as clothes and shoes are written.This will not attract the attention of others,it will not make consumers feel embarrassed or embarrassed,this reflects the benefits of buying "adult products" online.
Besides,there is also a big advantage to buying adult products online.That is, the online store has a wide variety of adult products.Meet the various needs of consumers.And when buying adult products online,it is more cost-effective than buying offline.Because offline stores need to pay rent, water and electricity,higher cost of sales,the only way to make a profit is to raise the price.
The cost of online stores is much lower than that of offline stores.So it's also cheaper to sell.Consumers can not only expand the selection,and protect privacy,the most important thing is that it is cheaper than the brick-and-mortar store.Certainly would prefer to buy adult products online.
In today's society, the pressure to survive is so great."Sex" not only relieves stress,it also brings physical and psychological pleasure.Women also have the right to pursue "sex" blessings,what do you think?

Post time: Apr-29-2022