Exhibition news- The 23rd China(Guangzhou) Sex culture

The 23rd China(Guangzhou) Sex culture, Adult products, and health care products Expo successfully closed on the afternoon of November 1st,2021! The three days of the exhibition was colorful, many high -quality brands gathered, the industrial advantages were highlighted, the forum content was colorful, the multiple ideas gathered, the public benefited a lot, and the crowds of the scene were surging. This year's corporate exhibition types, scale and scientific and technological innovation have exceeded previous years. The registration of professional buyers before the exhibition also indirectly reflects the comprehensive improvement of people's life quality and life experience in the post -epidemic era. The domestic adult supplies market has a scale of 100 billion yuan, and the consumption of sexual supplies has shown a younger and open trend. With the change of traditional concepts, the market will also usher in a benign development and enter high -speed growth.


Exhibitors and experts commented:
“The 23rd National Culture Expo is grand! The exhibition of exhibitions that have the "vane" of the development of global adult supplies and the exhibitions that are recognized as the industry's most international and authoritative results exchange platform have always been a big -name collection, which can be called the industry.”
“The Guangzhou Sexual Culture Festival has a super -level large -scale expo, a super -class characteristic exhibition, a super -standard shocking viewing, and a super -popular contemporary show! Congratulations to the successful success of the 23rd National (Guangzhou) Sexual Culture Fair!”


According to incomplete statistics, during the three -day period, more than 300 official media reports were reported. The activities of the Sessions of Sexual Culture have fully affirmed, the evaluation is high, and the objective reports of the media have promoted the healthy development of the sexual cultural festival, which has been recognized and praised by the society. Its social impact is wide and far -reaching.


Jiangxi Dreamsex Industry Company also participated in the exhibition and attracted many customers and audiences to visit,and successfully developed many big customers.


Post time: Apr-29-2022